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Professional Video Work

Director, Producer, Editor, Videographer, Animator, Motion Graphics Artist


2017 General Demo Reel

2017 Motion GFX Reel for Comedy Central’s The President Show Season 1


Original Short Films - Comedy, Animation, Experimental

2012. Senior Thesis. Won awards.

2015. A comedy sketch written by Ian Koranek.

2015. A comedy sketch written by Ian Koranek.

2014. Animation made for CBS. They stiffed me on payment.

2014. Made for the Dorito Crash the Superbowl Contest.

2010. Still proud of it.

Conde Nast - Producer, Editor, Animator

2018. Visual Direction, Editing, Animation.

2018. Animation and Edit.

2019. Animation and Edit.

2018. Animations.

2019. Co-Produced, Edit, Animations.

2018. Animations.

2019. Produced, Edit, Animation.

2018. Produced, Edit.

2018. Edit. Branded IG Story campaign for Vanity Fair.

This is a supercut of select Instagram Stories I made for Vanity Fair's IG.

Commercial video

2015. Edit. GFX.

2016. Videography, Edit, GFX.

2013. Videography, Edit.

Editor Only


2017. Buzzfeed. Edit.

2017. Buzzfeed. Edit.

celebrity interviews

Documentary - Trailer & Promotional Work included

Commercial & Social Media Marketing

Test Edits

These are videos that I edited as "Test Edits," a part of the hiring process that is becoming ever more popular in the video industry. I don't like doing Test Edits. Please don't ask me to do them. I have Reels for a reason. Test Edits will not reflect my best creative and editing skills because free labor is a huge turn-off.